Your photos tell stories. It's time to protect them with Mylio Photos.

You have a lifetime of photos...somewhere

Protect, collect, and preserve
your photos. Hassle-free. Cloud-free.

Organizing and protecting photos & videos is a daunting task for many. But not for you, when you have Mylio Photos! Bring your memories scattered across many devices into one beautiful library. No, we’re not talking about the Cloud and all its scaling costs. Find any picture, clip or document in seconds. Protect your memories automatically. And share them with the world without sharing any sensitive information.

Works on Windows, macOS, iOS and Android

An unlimited number photos and videos

NO growing
Cloud fees

Auto back-ups and safe sharing

Easy discovery. Find any photo in seconds.

Ask Yourself Just One Question?

Do you love your photos?

Your photos tell stories. And you want to preserve them for generations. But can you find and access the images and videos that matter most? The world takes trillions of pictures each year. We capture every moment. But do we safeguard these memories?

Photos represent memories you want to share and protect.

Photos remind you of the joy you have with the people you love.

They bring back the time when your kids were still kids.

Photos remind you of trips you’ve taken and of fun together.

PHOTOS, We HAVE a problem

Where are your photos and videos?

You have thousands of precious images, scattered across different devices and even shoeboxes, making it challenging to organize them in one place. Managing and backing up files from many devices is a tedious process.

Are your photos really yours?

Cloud libraries can be great (when you have Internet). But they get more expensive and slower as your collection grows. Relying on the Cloud means that you are entrusting your photos to potential privacy & security risks.

Can you find a photo that matters?

We all tend to take multiple shots of the same scene, which can result in numerous duplicates. As a result, finding a particular photo is challenging, and the clutter can make it difficult to manage and back up photos effectively.

why Mylio Photos?

Your photo library is one of the most important things you have. At Mylio we understand what these memories mean. We use Mylio Photos too.

Without Mylio Photos

  • Lost or missing photos
  • Growing Cloud expenses
  • Risk of data loss
  • Duplicates & clutter
  • Lack of control

With Mylio Photos

  • All photos in one place
  • Cloud independence
  • Privacy & security
  • No duplicates & clutter
  • Complete control & access

It's time for peace of mind

Take control of your photos today

Works on Windows, macOS, iOS and Android

Bring everything together.

Connect your smartphone, tablet, computer, and desktop to create a universal photo library. Add an unlimited number of pictures and videos. Connect an unlimited number of devices. Access all your photos from any device without the cost and privacy concerns of the Cloud.

Enjoy privacy and control your costs.

Mylio Photos creates a local backup on hard drives you own. It’s the only complete solution that offers cloud independence. It’s 8X faster and 8X more affordable than Cloud storage. Want to use Cloud? No problem. Mylio Photos can encrypt your Cloud data. This means data breaches of online hosts pose no risk. Your privacy is protected.

Find 1-in-a-million photo in 2 or 3 clicks.

SmartTags make all your photos searchable without manual keywords. Choose what you want to see: Search for objects, activities, animals, plants, colors, and more. And don’t worry: all analysis happens on your device and nothing is shared on the Internet.

But that's not all...

Mylio Photos helps you collect, connect, protect and rediscover a lifetime of memories

All in one convenient way!


Stop drowning in photos. Mylio Photos makes it easy to import your photos and videos into one library. You can add pictures from: hard drives, cameras, memory cards, memory sticks, scanners, phones.

Get organized. No sweat. Mylio Photos helps you organize without hard work. As you browse your library, you’ll see pictures automatically organized by date and folders. If your life is in chaos, you can even have Mylio Photos auto-organize folders on import and remove duplicates.

Reclaim important photos from social media: Mylio Photos can connect to popular social media and photo-sharing sites. It’s easy to import everything you’ve shared... and if you feel like posting new photos, we can help there too.


Your photos can go anywhere. With Mylio Photos on your phone or tablet, you can access every photo and video you care about. Then, with just a tap, you can send the picture to any app or service.

As easy as copy and paste. Who said photo sharing had to be hard? Stop cluttering up your desktop with all those extra exports and temp files. Mylio Photos lets you copy and paste with ease.

All your files in perfect order. Mylio Photos let you add folders for easy browsing and management. You can store important things like travel documents or a program from that great musical. Plus, you can send the files to any other app for easy edits or updates.


Focus on your best photos. Have you ever tried to get the perfect shot of your cat or your kid? The Mylio DeClutter tool helps gather all your photos into an easy review tool. Quickly clean up the bad shots (eyes closed, goofy smiles) and keep just the good stuff.

Your photos look amazing. All the essential editing tools are included with Mylio Photos. AutoEnhance for everyday photo problems, AutoColor to fix old photos and faded images, Crop and straighten to get perfectly composed photos, Easy presets to speed up photo editing and more.

Share freely and safely. With just a click, your photos are ready to share. The SafeShare option removes personal information from pictures before you post them to protect your privacy.


Own your photos. Mylio Photos+ creates a local backup on hard drives you own. It’s the only complete solution that offers cloud independence. It’s 8X faster, 8X more affordable than Cloud storage.

Never lose an important photo or video. Add as many vaults as you want for extra peace of mind. Lost your phone? Have a hard drive failed? Mylio Photos+ can automatically recover all your images and rebuild your photo library on a new device.

No scaling costs and total privacy. The more photos you take, the more Cloud storage costs go up. With Mylio Photos+, you avoid traditional Cloud services' rising costs and privacy issues.

Stress-free backup. Mylio Photos+ backup runs automatically on your computers. Mobile devices import and sync in the background or when the app runs. 

But wait...

There's more!

Mylio Photos is an all-in-one ecosystem for your personal photo and video archive.
It's the only tool to organize and protect your important memories.

All-access pass.

Connect your smartphone, tablet, computer, and desktop to create a universal photo library. You can access all your photos from any device without the cost and privacy concerns of the Cloud.

Cloud Independence.

Mylio Photos+ is the only multi-device application that can work cloud-free. Your devices see each other directly over the Internet - for private and secure photo browsing, sharing, and syncing.

More Photos. Less Space.

Mylio Photos+ creates an optimized image library for your phone, tablet, or laptop. You can fit up to 15X more photos in the same disk space. This means you can store a lifetime of memories even on a smartphone. These lightweight images are perfect for everyday use: fully editable and shareable.

Complete Control.

With Mylio Photos+ Custom Sync, you can fully customize every device. Choose precisely by folder, keyword, label, and how your device syncs. Use syncing presets as templates to quickly set up a new device. Choose exactly which original & optimized photos you want on a device with precise control.

We are here
for you!

Creating a legacy of memories requires a commitment. We do our best to make it fun and easy for you.

24/7 Human Support

In a world of robots, we have real people, waiting to help you succeed.

1:1 Getting Started Sessions

Need some 1:1 help? Schedule a session with our experts to point you in the right direction.

Group Sessions

Like to learn with others? We offer a regular scheduled webinars to guide you.


Join thousands of memory-keepers to learn and share how best to preserve your memories.

Our Customer Success says it best

Over 3,000,000,000 photos organized

Yes, that is 3 Billion photos and counting

"Getting close to
1.4 million images..."

Getting close to 1.4 million images that Mylio keeps track of for me. No other program was able to handle this many files. All in one catalog to boot.

Dan Cox, Nature Photographer

"Finally, a complete overview"

I finally have the overview of all the photos that have been scattered in many places for years. I can quickly find the best memories to show to others.

Karsten W., Mylio Photos Customer

"I'm sort of

Mylio Photos is so powerful. Just trying to get the rest of my stuff off Google Drive, so I can clean up all my devices.

Ashton K., Mylio Photos Customer

Achieve Greatness In Photo Organization

Works on macOS, iOS, Windows and Android


Frequently Asked Questions

If you can't find your question here, email:

 How do I know if this works for me?

No matter how you store or organize your images, Mylio Photos provides unique benefits you’ll find nowhere else. The best way to understand if Mylio Photos is a good fit is to try it yourself. No commitments for you, and 24/7 customer support from our side.

Will Mylio Photos work on my device?

Mylio Photos is designed to run on nearly all modern computers, phones, and tablets. We require the following operating systems at a minimum in order to provide the best experience.

- Mac - macOS 10.14 and above
- iPhone / iPad - iOS 13 and above
- Windows - Windows 10 version 1909 and newer (64 bit only)
- Windows ARM (Surface X Pro) – Windows 10 version 1909 and above (64 bit only)
- Android - Android 8.1 and above

Does Mylio Photos have storage limit?

You can store and organize an unlimited number of photos and videos with Mylio Photos. The only limitations are the capacity of your devices. To optimize your storage, take advantage of Mylio Photos’ intelligent system that helps maximize storage available on your devices.

 Do I get support if I'm stuck?

Our educational and support resources include a detailed product manual, a dedicated support website, extensive video training, an educational community, and a support forum. These resources provide quick answers that are easily searchable.

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