Discover a captivating behind-the-scene story of Mylio Photos and join an exclusive Q&A session with David Vaskevitch, former CTO of Microsoft, Founder and CEO of Mylio, who is changing how the world remembers. Join now.

June 11, 2023. 4.00 PM PST (USA)
June 12, 2023. 9.00 AM (Australia)

I'm David, Founder of Mylio

Bob Dylan told us, "Take care of your memories; for you cannot relive them." Then Roger Ebert helped us understand, "My lifetime's memories are what I have brought home from the trip.". Rosecrans Baldwin said it best: "To be human is to have a collection of memories that tells you who you are and how you got there.".

In 2012 I started Mylio to Change the Way the World Remembers. Mylio does that at two levels: the sublime and the mundane.

At the sublime level, for the first time, Mylio lets me have memories going back over a hundred years to when my mother was born with me always and everywhere. It brings those memories to life so I can use them, share them, and enjoy them.

At the mundane level, Mylio is my second brain. My passport, my itinerary, every paper I’ve ever written, my driver’s license, all of them are also at the tips of my fingers. That is what changes the way the world remembers means.

I invite you to discover the Mylio Story, rethink your story, and get inspired about the opportunities ahead.

I look forward to seeing you!

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June 11, 2023. 4.00 PM PST (USA)
June 12, 2023. 9.00 AM (Australia)

What is
Mylio Photos?

Mylio Photos helps you manage, preserve and rediscover a lifetime of memories: from photos and videos to drawings, birth certificates, and other vital documents. It's the only Cloud-independent solution that makes it possible to protect, quickly find, organize, and access your memories when and where you want. Mylio Photos is available for your computer, smartphone, and tablet.

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