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By Sveta Tsepko

We all have photos on Facebook and Instagram: both are great places to share our life moments. Yet, it is essential to remember that social media platforms are not permanent archives; they are primarily designed for sharing content rather than storing it.

Changes in policies, technical glitches, or even the possible discontinuation of a platform could lead to the loss of your treasured memories. By importing your photos back from Instagram, Facebook, and other social media, you are taking an active step to ensure the longevity of your digital keepsakes and securing them from such risks.

With the speed of life and the deluge of digital content we create, many beautiful moments get lost in the hustle. Scrolling through a social media feed is different than curating your photos, recalling the stories they tell, and reconnecting with those memories. Reimporting allows you to not just rediscover these treasures but also reevaluate their emotional significance, letting you create a more personal and intimate archive of your life. In essence, it's not just about securing memories—it's also about cherishing them anew.


Mylio Photos was built to make your memories live longer. It takes a few simple steps to import photos and videos from Flickr, Instagram and Facebook. Here's what you'll need to do.

  • ​Launch Mylio Photos on your computer, tablet or smartphone​
  • ​Click on the plus icon in top right corner
  • ​Select Add Media from an online service
  • ​To import from Instagram, select Instagram and log in to your account
  • ​Authorize Mylio Photos to access your Instagram account (it's 100% secure)
  • ​Pick a folder where you want to save your media
  • ​Click Copy Now to import your Instagram photos


Once your images are imported, you can unlock the full potential of Mylio Photos to rediscover, enjoy and protect your memories.

Create a journal: Use your photos to create a visual journal or diary within Mylio Photos. Caption each image with memories, thoughts, or feelings from that day to create a personal history. You can easily add that information in Mylio Photos.

Make a slideshow: Mylio Photos allows you to create stunning slideshows of your photos. You can also add music or narration to give your slideshow a personal touch.

Make it personal: Mylio Photos allows you to tag people on photos. Grab a cup of tea (or anything else you like to drink) and review all images, tagging your friends, family members, and other witnesses of your beautiful times.

Share With Friends and Family: Mylio makes sharing your photos with others easy. Send your friends and family a single image, a slideshow, or the whole collection.

Enhance your photos: Mylio has photo editing tools to enhance or creatively alter your images. You can play with filters, adjust brightness and contrast, crop and resize, and more.

Enjoy: Mylio's unique LifeCalendar lets you see your life in photos. It's a great way to reminisce about past years and see how things have changed.

Remember, photos, videos and even documents are a great way to keep memories alive. These are just a few ways you can enjoy them using Mylio Photos.

Good luck in your explorations!

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