Preserve and Organize Your Lifetime of Memories.

Learn how to quickly scan, organize and share your photos securely across all devices.

  • ​Rapidly scan every old photo from home — even slides and negatives
  • ​Improve the appearance of old photos
  • ​Prevent old photos from spoiling
  • ​Manage all your photos securely (without the cloud)
  • ​Access from all devices
  • ​And save over 87% off the usual course fee!

Quickly find the best memories to show to others...
I finally have the complete overview of all the photos that have been scattered in many places for years ... everything runs flawlessly, and now I can quickly find the best memories to show to others.

– Karsten W.

Is labelling shoeboxes your idea of photo management?

In 2000 alone, at the peak of the film-camera industry, around 80 billion photos were taken.

(source: Kodak)

You don’t need to be a family historian to have hundreds or even thousands of photos tucked away in "shoeboxes".

Whether your photo collections are scattered across multiple offline locations or you keep them neatly organized in albums, most people know that a lifetime of memories is at risk unless you digitize them.

How many times have you said:

  • ​“I really must organize my photos”?
  • ​“What would happen if there was a fire?”
  • ​“I need to get those photos digitized before they spoil”?
  • ​“What’s my backup plan for these photos?”

Unless you’re a keen photographer, photos are one of those things that most people understand the value of — but rarely take steps to preserve.

You love your photos, but if you keep them in a drawer, you risk losing these memories forever.

But it’s easy to change that without spending thousands of dollars on hardware and scanning companies.

Learn how to scan and organize your photos at home, and you’ll never go back to the haphazard, scattergun approach you’re using now with your photos…

Professional-level photo management for everyone…

Scanning and Organizing Your Photos is a video-based course to teach you everything you need to know about creating beautiful scans of your photos, slides and negatives.

We not only go into the hardware, software and tips/tricks you’ll need to make efficient and beautiful scans of your collection; we also show you what to do after you’ve scanned all your photos to organize and protect them.

What will you learn?

The course includes 47 videos that comprise a complete step-by-step guide to converting old photo collections into highly-organized libraries.

Topics include:

  • ​How to choose a suitable scanner
  • ​How to use a flatbed scanner
  • ​How to use a sheet-fed scanner
  • ​How to save time with scanning
  • ​Scanning slides and negatives
  • ​Scanning with a smartphone
  • ​Organizing images (folders, albums, metadata, GPS data, etc.)
  • ​Cropping and composition editing
  • ​Visual edits to improve colors, contrasts and tones
  • ​Saving, exporting and printing finished images
  • ​How to protect and share images securely

What can you expect by the end of the course?

By the end of the course, you’ll be armed with all you need to protect your memories.

By the end of the course, you’ll be armed with all you need to protect your memories.

Each video includes real-life examples and actionable tips that anyone can follow. It’s designed for mums and dads, not professional photographers.

By course end, you’ll know everything you need to know about scanning, digitizing and protecting your media and photos.

Conveniently manage, edit and access photos...
“I love being able to conveniently manage, edit and have access to all of my photos on all my devices from anywhere”
– Justine E.

Pay 1/8th of the usual course fee — for the month of June 2023 only!

Professional-level organization and management of photos shouldn’t be available only to professional photographers!

Memories are important to everyone and are part of what makes us human. You shouldn’t need a consultant or a scanning company to manage something this personal.

That’s why we’re offering the Scanning and Organizing Your Photos course for just


The one-time fee includes access to all the online videos that comprise the course — and if you’re not entirely happy, we’ll refund you!

30-day money-back guarantee

If you pay for the course and are unhappy with it for any reason, we offer a 30-day refund from the date of purchase — no questions asked.

Who are we?

Mylio Photos began life in 2015 and has grown to become a well-established name in managing lifetimes of photos.

With the help of Mylio, you can turn your smartphone, computer and storage devices into a secure, connected library of photos, videos and other important documents.

We believe your photos are too important to entrust to Google Photos. So, Mylio helps you organize, protect, sync and edit all your images (from any source) securely in one easy-to-search library — without using the cloud or even the Internet.

Organize and manage huge collections...
“Mylio is a smart, slick and surprisingly fun way to privately organize and manage huge collections of photos.”
– Shotkit

And save over 87%

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