Your secret to seamless digital asset management.


Thousands of real estate professionals lose productivity (and sales) because of the chaos with their digital assets. Mylio will help you to fix that. Organize, protect, and showcase property photos, videos, contracts, and other files anywhere on any device. Hassle-free.

No contracts. Cancel anytime.

Easy to use

Quick setup

100% Private

Digital overload leaves realtors unbalanced.


Different assets on different devices

Juggling numerous property images, videos, and documents can be overwhelming. Mylio simplifies this by offering a single, intuitive platform for all your digital assets.

Endless searches with no results

Finding a specific property photo or document amidst the digital clutter can be time-consuming. With Mylio's advanced search tools, locate any file in seconds.

Security and
privacy concerns 

Digital breaches can risk exposure of sensitive client information. Mylio ensures your files are stored securely on your device, or encrypted in the Cloud.

Cloud costs

As your media library grows, so does the cost of Cloud storage. Mylio provides a cost-effective solution with a flat affordable fee for unlimited digital assets & unlimited devices.

Just imagine...

Every image, document and video. Accessible at any time. On any device.

With Mylio, you can consolidate all your digital assets into a single, universal library. No more switching between multiple storage services and losing precious time, with Mylio you have all your images, documents, and videos right at your fingertips, available on your computer, smartphone and tablet!

Quickly find that
one-in-a-million image

Whether you need property photos with specific features, client contracts signed on a certain date, property at one particular location, or even a property of a specific color, Mylio's advanced visual search tools deliver instant results, even with the most extensive media library.

Access everything
from everywhere

Access your media library on any device, including your computer, tablet, or smartphone. Showcase property images or videos to clients even offline. With Mylio Photos+, you can fit 10X more pictures on your smartphone without taking up extra space, keeping all the originals on your main computer or a hard drive miles away.

Don't keep your assets
"hostage" in the Cloud

Store sensitive client documents and contracts securely on your device, not on Cloud servers, ensuring optimal privacy control. This means you will always access your media, even offline; you won't run into growing fees; 3rd parties will never use your media. And to protect you from data loss or device theft, Mylio Photos will automatically back up all your photos, videos, and documents.

Keep track of people,
places and events

Use keywords and tags to classify properties, making it easy to find and group assets based on property type, location, or client. Use the Map view or LifeCalendar to locate all your properties on the map or keep track of your successful projects.

Manage all assets and avoid extra costs

Manage essential documents, such as contracts, property deeds, and client information, without worrying about escalating Cloud storage costs and carrying your computer everywhere to access them. Your marketing materials are also always accessible with Mylio Photos.

Do things differently

The Smarter way To Manage Your Digital Assets

Access on-the-go

Seamlessly view, manage, and present photos and documents from your smartphone or tablet, even offline. Enhance your responsiveness in today's fast-paced market.

Share safely

Easily share files with colleagues and clients without sharing sensitive data, improving collaboration, communication and trust.

Make it perfect

Enjoy built-in editing tools that let you adjust and improve property images automatically without the need for a separate application

Back up and restore

Mylio automatically backs up your files, and in case of accidental deletion or loss, files can be easily restored, ensuring your work is never lost.


Access on-the-go