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Access at any time. Always keep what matters.

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SmartTags: Your secret to finding
a one-in-a-million photo in 2-3 clicks.

Quickly find your best photos and rediscover forgotten memories
with Mylio Photos’ AI-powered SmartTags. Watch the video below.

Bring photos together

Mylio Photos makes browsing even the most extensive library easy and enjoyable. Bring photos and videos together from your hard drives, storage platforms, cameras, smartphones, tablets, computers, and other devices without the need to keep anything in the Cloud.

Enjoy on any device

Mylio Photos works on your computer, tablet, and smartphone. Access your library on any device. Even offline. Optimize your photos with Mylio Photos+ SpaceSaver and fit up to 15x more pictures on your mobile devices. When needed, download your full-quality files on demand.

Find quickly

SmartTags make all your photos searchable without manual keywords. Choose what you want to see: Search for objects, activities, animals, plants, colors, and more. And don’t worry: all analysis happens on your device, and nothing is shared on the Internet.

Protect & share safely

Mylio Photos+ creates a local backup on hard drives you own. It’s the only complete solution that offers cloud independence. It’s 8X faster and 8X more affordable than Cloud storage. Want to use Cloud? No problem. Mylio Photos+ can encrypt your Cloud data. This means data breaches of online hosts pose no risk. Your privacy is protected.

Who is Mylio Photos for?

Mylio Photos is for memory keepers, world explorers, experience seekers, and caregivers. Mylio Photos allows you to organize, manage, protect, and rediscover your photos and videos how you like and always want.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Mylio Photos?

Mylio Photos is a comprehensive photo organization software designed to help you organize, protect, and access your entire photo library across one or multiple devices. Mylio Photos offers a range of features and capabilities to streamline the management and enjoyment of your photos. Blazing-fast, customizable AI discovery tools in Mylio Photos make finding the perfect picture intuitive, fast, and fun. Enrich your photos with details about people, events, and locations that matter. This information is easy to share and make available for future generations.

How much does Mylio Photos cost?

Mylio Photos is free. With no strings attached. You can organize and manage unlimited photos on a single device. Many of our users call Mylio Photos the most powerful free photo organizer in the world. When ready, upgrade to Mylio Photos+ to take advantage of additional features designed to help you fully organize and protect a lifetime of memories across all your devices. We also offer a 30-day satisfaction guarantee with your Mylio Photos+ plan. We provide a full refund if you are unhappy within 30 days of your initial plan purchase.

Does Mylio Photos have a storage limit?

Mylio Photos does not have a storage limit for your library. With Mylio Photos, you can manage unlimited photos and videos. Mylio Photos helps you organize photos and videos on devices you own. This way, you can always access your files and retain proper organization even if you stop using Mylio Photos.

Is Mylio Photos good for large libraries?

Mylio Photos is outstanding for a library of any size. Mylio Photos takes the work out of organizing your library. As you browse photos, they are automatically collected by date & folder. If the existing library is in chaos, have Mylio Photos auto-organize folders on import and remove duplicates. With Mylio Photos SmartTags, you'll find any photo in 2-3 clicks without endless scrolling (even if you have millions of images).

How does SpaceSaver in Mylio Photos+ work?

Mylio Photos+ creates an optimized image library that’s perfect for your phone, tablet, or laptop. Store up to 15x more photos in the same disk space. Store a lifetime of memories — even on a smartphone. Your optimized images are fully editable and shareable — perfect for everyday use. When needed, the full-quality photo is just a click away with sync on-demand from one of your Vault drives.

How does Mylio Photos+ protect my privacy?

Your most important photos and files are stored on drives you can touch. All AI analysis happens locally on your devices (not the Cloud). No details about your pictures are shared with other services, and your data is kept private. If you prefer using Cloud storage (e.g., OneDrive) for your Vault, Mylio Photos+ encrypts your uploads to protect your confidential information. No one, not even Mylio, can see your media and personal information unless logged in to your device with your account.

Do I get support if I get stuck?

Our educational and support resources include a detailed product manual, a dedicated support website, extensive video training, an educational community, and a support forum. These resources provide quick answers that are easily searchable.

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